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Use the tool below to scan your documents and it will let you know what kind of file they are and which program opens them. If the tool can not locate the desired program on your computer, it helps locate the program you need.

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To open or mend a .PRG File Extension file or document, download and install the software tools below;

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Once installed, run each program by pressing its scan/fix button..

File Extension: .PRG File Extension
File Type: RAPID Program File
Description: Program written in the RAPID robotics programming language; contains instructions for automated robots to follow; may be created in ABB RobotStudio a simulation and offline robot programming application; also be referred to as an S4 program.
Programs That Open File: Windows; ABB RobotStudio; View in a text editor;
Category: Developer Files
Popularity: Average


Supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 2000 & Windows 98.

You get files from many different people and places. While it's easy to share files and documents, accessing and opening them isn't as straightforward. Not everybody has the right program and regardless of whether you have the correct application to open a file, the file associations may be incorrect.

This page shows you how to open and repair .PRG File Extension files and applications.